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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last I heard, poor Roscoe's life is hanging by a thread because his idiotic owner tied him in the back of a truck with a rope that was too long.  Apparently, the pit bull mix fell out of the truck bed and was dragged for a city block behind the truck.  At least you hope it was accidental.  The horrific abuses this breed of dog are subjected to and the part of town where this occurred, plus the owner's reaction, make me wonder about that.  I'm surprised the dog survived.  He looked already dead in video taken at the scene.  

I can't describe in a civil manner how furious stories like this make me when I hear of them.  It still happens every day.  Why is it so hard for people to think of the consequences of transporting a pet in the back of a pick-up, tethered or not?  Every time I see this, there is always an empty space in the seat next to the driver.  Why not secure the dog inside the cab?  Or better yet, leave it at home where its safety is assured.

When two women tried to save the man's dog by cutting the rope before the dog could be dragged further, he cursed them out and drove away.  Shows how little he cared for his dog.  Whenever you confront people like this their reaction is usually the same.

I haven't heard if Roscoe has survived his ordeal, but he didn't look good on the evening news last night.  He was obviously in great trauma, shaking and unresponsive, and probably has internal injuries.  Poor, poor dog.  It breaks my heart to see incidents like this.  I hope if Roscoe does recover, he will be re-homed with someone who gives a damn about his welfare.  If his cruel, clueless owner is ever found, maybe they should tie him to the bumper of his truck and drag him down the block!  He should certainly never again be allowed to keep a dog.  

If you doubt how often tragedies like this occur, just google "dog dragged behind pick-up." The list is long.  Sometimes it is accidental.  Someone forgets he tied the dog up to the car and then drives off, like Chevy Chase in "Vacation."  All that's left is a collar and no dog, but in reality, it would probably be much worse than that.  My mom and I were always horrified by that scene in the movie.  Not funny, Chevy!  


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