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Monday, February 17, 2014


According to today's insert in the Sacramento Bee, "Essential Sacramento," our town ranks 34th out of 100 Best Cities for Dogs. Come on, Sac, we can do better than that!  One way is to make more public places in our town dog friendly, including pubs and coffee shops.  Can you think of some other ways to improve our standing as dog lovers?  Also, I noticed that many of the things listed which make Sacramento so special were actually in Davis.  Davis is not Sacramento! But they do have a helluva nice performing arts center and smoke-free patios at restaurants.  

This blog is dog focused, but since we're discussing Sacramento, I have a question to pose to my fellow citizens.  If a visitor from another city or country comes to our city and you were to ask that visitor what attracted them to come here, what do you think they might say?  Would they say they came from so far away to see a new sports arena for a second-rate basketball team surrounded by a bunch of restaurants and loft apartments, or would it be something else? Did they come to see the California State Capital or a city situated at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, one of which has a great parkway/bike trail? How about a city rich in history that dates back to the Gold Rush? There's Historic Old Sacramento, of course, which is now composed mostly of junky tourist traps and a rail museum.  There's the Crocker Art Gallery, but what other fascinating sights would you suggest they see while in Sacramento? As a Native Sacramentan, I honestly would be at a loss about what else to recommend to a traveler that might have them leaving as impressed with Sacramento as say, San Francisco, London, Paris.  

Instead of an ugly sports arena slapped in the heart of our city, I would love to see a fabulous museum to rival the ones I've seen in Europe or New York, one that celebrates the Golden West.  How about a Smithsonian?  That's what Sacramento should be spending its money on (besides education, housing for the homeless, and repairing Sacramento's crumbling infrastructure, etc....), and I hope the building wouldn't look like a crushed aluminum can.  But just think what a great recycling plant this will make in a decade or so when it is as outdated as Cal Expo and Sleep Train Arena!  


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