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Monday, September 09, 2013


In my latest Inside Pubs Pets & Their People column, I talk about housetrained pets who suddenly forget their house manners. (Are you listening, Beau?)  Turns out there may have been more going on with Beau's lapses than just having one of his pack go AWOL for two weeks.  He's going to the vet today for what I suspect is an anal hematoma.  It seemed to come up over the weekend, so maybe it's not connected to the problems earlier this summer.  If that's what it is, they are rarely cancerous, but after our experience with Daisy, who died from anal cancer, a fast growing cancer in dogs, I'm understandably concerned.  It bled a lot last night, and I was about to cart him off to the ER when the bleeding fortunately subsided. I already had an appointment for today to take him in for his rabies booster, so I was hoping we could hold off until then.   


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