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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


What the...???!!!  I was flabbergasted when I saw the unbelievable photo in Britain's Daily Mail of a dog being towed behind a speeding SUV in a pet crate in Florida.  If the dog survived the exhaust fumes from the vehicle, he wouldn't have survived the heat for long, and there was no water inside the crate.  This is an even worse case than Mitt Romney's dog, Seamus, being transported in a crate on the luggage rack of his SUV.  Could it be there was no room inside that big, air-conditioned auto for a pet crate?  Is there no limit to people's stupidity when it comes to the welfare of animals?  Apparently not.  Thank doG that a roadway Samaritan reported this abuse and the dog was spared certain death.  I hope that the owners were thrown in jail and the dog was re-homed with an intelligent, caring family.  

The Law is long overdue to really crack down on this kind of idiocy and cruelty.  Ignorance is no excuse.  It's high time for a no tolerance policy on any form of animal cruelty or deliberately putting companion animals in danger, including leaving dogs in cars to cook in the summer.  Politicos and celebrities should not be above the law when they neglect or abuse animals (Romney, Michael Vick, and their ilk).  Shame them!  Jail them!  Get 'em in their wallets, where it is mostly likely to make an impression.  People like these should forfeit the privilege of having pets.  If you harm a pet or put it in the kind of jeopardy these folks did, you shouldn't be allowed to have another one.  Ever.


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