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Saturday, July 20, 2013


The Sacramento SPCA has put out an urgent call to our community to come out to their shelter on Florin-Perkins Road this weekend and adopt a pet.  Their adoption numbers have dropped, and of course the shelter population continues to grow, so many animals are in desperate need of homes.  Please, please, please, before you purchase a pet from a pet shop or online, adopt a pet from the SSPCA that is in dire need of a home.  The price of an adoption will be much less and the rewards far greater, for both you and that homeless pet. 

Check out the link provided and see photos of animals available for adoption today. I just checked it out and there are some great looking dogs, mostly small ones.  Some really cute fuzz faced darlings you'll fall head over heels in love with.  There's even one who looks just like Benji (and that's his name).  

Give a loving dog or cat, or other pet, a happy ending.  Adopt a pet this weekend and help reduce the numbers of homeless pets in our shelter. Adopt two or more!  But before you make that commitment, make certain you are fully able to properly care for that pet so it doesn't end up back at the shelter somewhere down the road.  Adoption isn't just for a weekend; it's for life!  


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