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Friday, June 28, 2013


Here's a review by Gay Toltl Kinman that appears in the July 2013 Mysterious Women newsletter:

Braced For Murder
by Sue Owens Wright

A Beanie and Cruiser Mystery. Cruiser is a basset hound, whose owner is Elsie 'Beanie' MacBean. The two-legged partner of the sleuthing team has taken in another hound, Calamity, on a foster basis with the idea that the hound will be trained and ready for a forever family. The dog came from the local shelter, which is a mess. Set in Lake Tahoe, the shelter manager, Rhoda Marx ends up being euthanized in the machine she used freely on the animals.
'Braced' in this context means teamed up. There is a lot of information about bassets, the famous Basset Waddle fundraiser, and about how a shelter is run- -or not, in this case. Beanie comes up with some suspects: one is the owner of a dog that was euthanized within a day of being found, even though it had an ID chip; and the other is Doc Heaton, a veterinarian who was opposed to Marx' tactics. A possible third is Tori who leads a militant animal rights group, and who may or may not be responsible for letting all the dogs loose.

There are subplots with Beanie's daughter, and with her Washoe heritage. Humorously told, a lot of dog puns. Five Star 2013


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