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Friday, July 05, 2013


I don't know who is happier that the heat wave is finally over, the dogs or us.  It's been a rough week around here trying to survive the heat.  Our old air conditioner has been chugging along, and the dogs have spent most of the time cooling their bellies on the tile floor.  Walk schedules got messed up, and Beau's house training lapsed one day, either because he didn't want to go outside in that hideous heat to do his business or he was upset because he didn't get his usual afternoon constitutional.  When door service isn't available, he can be lazy about making his way out both the dog doors and sometimes doesn't make it all the way to the outer door into the yard, leaving us a surprise in the garage.  

All bets were off in survival mode this week.  His indiscretion was quickly forgiven, even though I nearly skated across the tile barefooted in the huge puddle he left on the dining room floor.  He not only did #1 but also #2.  Arrrgh!

They had their usual morning walk today, and there was a lovely cool breeze blowing, a welcomed change.  Aren't we Sacramentans, two-legged and four-legged, all a lot happier today?  


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