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Friday, July 19, 2013


I was trying to get a little housework done this morning, but Beau had other ideas.  He moseyed past me into what has become "the music room" since he joined our pack.  This is his signal that I am expected to stop whatever I'm doing and go play some music for him.  What a welcome distraction from cleaning chores. 

If ever anyone doubts that music has the power to soothe the savage basset (well, he's hardly a savage; he's a big pussycat all the time), one just has to see Beau when I sit down to play the ukelele or piano and the effect it has on him.  I'm no Jake Shimabukuru, but the moment I begin to strum that tenor uke, he flops down full length on the carpet and heaves a contented sigh before dozing off.  He stays there for as long as I'm willing to play for him.  I am always assured of an appreciative audience whenever I play music for my darlin' Beau.  I have never before had a dog quite like him who really seems to love music.  What a joy he is in my life!  


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