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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Beau is due for his rabies vaccinations.  Three years have gone by fast!  Fortunately, our experience at the vet will be nothing like when I have to take Peaches there for even the most minor treatment.  Beau actually enjoys going to the vet or at least he seems to.  He doesn't start to shiver, shake and whine the moment he senses we are going in a different direction than toward the park or our other familiar haunts.  He just loves attention from people wherever he can get it, even from the veterinarian.  He is the only dog I've ever had who didn't freak about going to the vet.  Daisy was even worse than Peaches is.  Bubba was pretty easy going about it, but not as much as Beau.  It sure takes the headache out of the whole thing.  

I spotted this article about how to desensitize your dog to vet visits.  Unfortunately, it's too late for Peaches because the training has to start very young, with the cooperation of your veterinarian doing things to help reduce your pet's fear.  Lollipups, anyone?  


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