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Thursday, September 19, 2013


I took Beau in today for his cardiac evaluation with Dr. Lori Siemens, an exceptionally nice woman I instantly liked.  Beau did, too.  That dog is so easy going, he thinks going to the vet is an adventure.  He was calmly lying on his side on the waiting room floor with his head on my foot, just like he does at home.  How many dogs ever do that at the vet's office?  Certainly not Peaches! Everyone was quite taken with him, and turns out he wasn't the only basset in there today. Dr. Siemens was utterly charmed by Beau, saying "He's already in the perfect position for the test."

The EKG took about half an hour.  I waited nervously for the verdict, and I'm happy to say that the news was good. Her diagnosis was that Beau is in a mild stage of degenerative mitral valve disease, which she said is common in basset hounds and that she lost a basset to it.  Who knew?  None of our other dogs have ever had it. We've been through every other inherited disorder with this breed, but this is a new one for us.  It is more common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, though.  

Anyway, his EKG was normal, and his good ol' heart is not enlarged from the leaky valve yet.  It might get worse with age; might not.  Only time will tell.  I sure hope not.  Doc told us what to watch for, and I read up on it.  No further tests are needed at this time, and no heart medications or restrictions are required, although it was suggested he be rechecked if his murmur becomes any louder.  I am much relieved by this outcome.  Praying to the Dog God worked!  He is good to go for the surgery to remove the tumor, which should be uncomplicated. We're just waiting for the estimate.  Now, if only that tumor is benign, we're home free.  


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