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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mentioned in passing in the Bee today (a caption with a photo) was that the dog of one of the Occupy Sacramento protesters in Cesar Chavez Park was euthanized when his owner was jailed for protesting peacefully in a public place.  There were no more details given about the incident, but it seems cruel and unusual to murder a person's companion animal because that person chooses to freely express an opinion that is contrary to someone else's. 

By now it should be apparent that we are living in a police state, particularly here in Sacramento where citizens are not permitted to peacefully gather to express their views, but do the dogs have to suffer, too?  Perhaps police forces would be of more beneficial use in other parts of our city where crime is rampant and some people are afraid to even walk around the block or go to their neighborhood grocery store after dark.  There is no crime being committed at Cesar Chavez Park, except for killing protesters' pets.



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