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Friday, October 14, 2011

Peaches shnibbled (sampling kitty canapes) one too many times on her walk recently and ended up at the vet's with a tummy ache.  I awoke one morning to find she'd barfed on the hall carpet.  She was begging to come into the bedroom before dawn.  She climbed up in the bed with me and obviously wasn't feeling well.  She usually cuddles with me and licks my hand, but on that morning she was just staring off in space.  I was planning to take her in for her yearly exam that weekend, but she went in the same day.

 Turns out it was nothing serious, but I was frankly scared to death because Bubba had done the same thing before we lost him two years ago.  It's so hard to keep her (and Beau, who is her apt pupil) from this disgusting habit of gobbling cat or sometimes dog feces on our walks.  She's very sly about it, and whoever is walking her must pay close attention for the signs she's hunting for cat poo.  I've gotten pretty good at reading the body language but still miss the cues sometimes.  My husband never catches on. Before I know it, it's too late.  Down the hatch.

Her vet suggested the Gentle Leader, which seems anything but gentle from what I've seen.  I watched a dog digging at her muzzle to free herself from the restraint as I sat at the coffee shop one day.  They really seem to hate it, but I may resort to it rather than having a sick dog on my hands every time they get hold of something truly foul.  The other option is a muzzle, but I'd hate for people to think I had two killer bassets.  I could try treat training, but they are already rather portly, and I'd be handing them out all the time to keep them from shnibbling.  Such a disgusting behavior!



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