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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peaches and Beau are exploring Lake Tahoe one twig at a time in true basset fashion.  It's great to be here again with them, soaking up some natural beauty and inspiration for more books.  Dogs have good memories.  Don't ever doubt it.  They remember every trail they've trod on before.  Beau, unfortunately, is not much of a long-haul trekker.  He has to take it in small doses.  He's younger than Peaches, but he goes one speed on the trail, dead on slow.  I may have to leave him behind for their second walk of the day.  He's really just a one walk-a-day dog.

I heard there are a couple of pit bulls new to the neighborhood and the owners let them wander off leash, like every other resident in Tahoe seems to.  A neighbor said the male seems very aggressive.  I wouldn't want to run into him out on the trail.  Don't they observe leash laws up here?  They have never seemed to in all the years I've been coming to Tahoe.  It's a given that everyone's big dog can roam at will.  I don't care how nice that dog is to his owner, if I don't know the dog and I'm out walking my dogs, I want to see it at the end of a leash.

Hope to have some photos to post when I return.  Can't seem to get my Bloggie to work, but we'll see.



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