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Friday, June 24, 2011


This is so disturbing to watch, but everyone needs to.  When are idiots like these ever going to learn that you can't leave a pet inside a car at a mall or anywhere else in the summer while they shop?   

"Two minutes" one couple said they left their two Schnauzers in their car at Arden Fair Mall when security caught up with them.  Run, dummies, run!  Save your dogs!  The dogs were actually shut up in the car 30 minutes on that 102-degree day.  The report didn't say whether the dogs survived, but I doubt they did.  These offenses should be punished to the full extent of the law, just like a premeditated murder, because that's what it is.  Notice the man returning to his car with his "important" purchase, oblivious to the plight of his dog as he gets in the car and drives off.  Let's hope he cranked up the A/C, for his own comfort I'm sure, and took his dog to the nearest vet for emergency treatment, though I doubt he did.  I wonder how long it will be before he traps his dog in the car again while he shops?  One can only hope he saw his cruel, stupid behavior broadcast on the evening news and will stop leaving his dog in a four-wheeled oven.    

Seems like catching the offenders (and their car license) on camera should be ample evidence to convict them of animal cruelty.  I'm stunned and furious that mall security captured this footage of an animal cooking in a car but no one responded to the emergency.  If they were waiting for animal control officers to arrive on the scene to rescue the animal, the dog would probably be dead by then.  I'm even angrier that no animal cruelty charges were filed against these pet owners.  Fact is, the law doesn't care to pursue perpetrators of these tragic incidents.  They have more important things to do.  Would it be different if it was a child left to die in a hot car?   You bet!  Child or animal, it's a living thing, and there is a law stating that pets should not be left in cars in unsafe conditions.  Unfortunately, it's a law no one enforces. 

When these incidents occur, and they no doubt will continue throughout the summer, it should be acceptable for anyone to intervene to rescue an animal from certain death by whatever means necessary.  The other day at REI, a citizen did exactly that when someone else had left his dog shut up in a hot car in the parking lot while shopping.  The canine crusader shattered the imbecile's car window to save the animal.  Better to have a broken window than a dead dog.  I personally would not stand by and let an animal die before my eyes while waiting for police (who have never come when I've summoned them for a K-911 and certainly wouldn't now with budget cutbacks) or animal control (same problem) to arrive on the scene.    



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