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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Poor Beau. It was another Rescue Remedy day for him with all this unseasonable wild weather. I was walking both dogs at the school when I heard the first volley of thunder. I could see him starting to freak out, so I hustled him and Peaches back to the car, and we made it home before all hell broke loose. I double dosed him with RR before he made a beeline for my bed. I hopped on top of the eiderdown with him and he buried his head under my arm. He was shaking so much I thought I was lying on one of those motel vibrating beds.

I turned the TV on with the volume loud enough to drown out the thunder and comforted him until the storm passed. I don't think I've had a dog before as afraid of storms as Beau is. I always wonder why he's so fearful of thunder and hope it wasn't something unpleasant in his past that made him this way. But I'm glad I can be here for him and make it all better on stormy days. Now if I could just get the neighbors to stop using their electric leaf blowers. He hates those, too!



  • At 8:45 PM, Blogger howzerdo said…

    Many years ago I had a dog (beagle/schnauzer cross, what a great mix) who was terrified of thunderstorms. He would try to crawl into the space behind the toilet, he would shake, he seemed to sense a storm coming for quite some time before there was an obvious sign and would pace, shiver and hide. I always dreaded it. I got him when he was six weeks old, from a family who owned his mother (the schnauzer). They weren't to thrilled to have mixed breed puppies, but I don't think they were abusive.


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