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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The famous Sherlock Bubba, Basset Blueblood

Bassets on the Crime Beat

I heard on the news this morning that during Easter week, when classes aren't in session and people are away on vacation, burglars are on the prowl, breaking into homes, cars, and schools to take what isn't theirs. But burglars beware! We dog walkers are out in force with our dogs and on the constant lookout for any suspicious activity in our neighborhoods. We know who belongs there and who doesn't because we're always on the beat and ready to take a bite out of crime and dial K-911 if we spot trouble.

My deputy dogs are Peaches and Beau, badge numbers 7 and 8 in a long line of crime-busting bassets, who inspired me to write about a fictional one named Cruiser. Dog-detractors take note: There is no better defense against crime in your community than your friendly neighborhood dog walker and co. My hounds are doing their daily rounds with me in my neighborhood. So are all the other dogs and their owners in Sacramento. Rest a bit easier when you see them on the beat in your area.



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