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Friday, April 01, 2011

WHEW!!!  Only a week ago, we all thought we were living in Seattle, not Sacramento.  In just a few days we've gone from rain gear to tee shirts.  Looks like we've skipped Spring again this year and gone straight to summer.   I'm sweating biscuits, and so are my dogs.  When I walked Peaches and Beau this morning around 10:00, I couldn't believe how warm it was already.  I haven't seen basset tongues hanging out that far since the dog days of August.  Beau was having a particularly hard time in the heat, and we had to stop frequently to cool off on shady patches of grass. 

This sudden climate change is a big adjustment for all of us.  On these glorious sunny days, it's natural to want to cruise around town with our canine buddies, but it's easy to forget how quickly our car interiors can heat up when the Mercury is nearly 80 degrees.  Don't be deceived by this early spring and let your guard down on your pet's safety.  Your car's interior will heat up to 100 or more in a matter of minutes.  Keep that in mind when you go cruisin' with your canine, and don't leave your dog parked in the car.



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