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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Adopting a pet doesn't always have a happy ending, as this poem illustrates about a 4-month-old basset pup I rescued from the Sacramento City shelter years ago:


(Dedicated to Bramble—Gone Too Soon)


Sue Owens Wright c. 1996

You were mine only 16 days,

but you touched me in so many ways.

I saw you at the pound,

a friendly, young hound

and I brought you home to stay.

At first you played with your toys

in a flurry of puppyhood noise.

You were good from the start

to the core of your heart;

you filled mine with youthful joys.

You loved to play tug of war

and cavort on my carpeted floor.

The red leash and collar

that cost 20 dollars

hang on a hook by the door.

On the third day you took ill,

and all of the shots and pills

gave you no relief;

It caused me such grief.

Your memory haunts me still.

I nursed you day and night

in the hope that you’d be all right.

Though I emptied my purse,

your condition grew worse.

We were gradually losing the fight.

One day your demeanor changed.

You acted terribly strange.

It was clear from your plight

that the end was in sight.

Euthanasia was quickly arranged.

I remember when you could run

and warmed yourself in the sun.

If someone had thought

of that distemper shot,

your life would be only begun.

Only 16 days of love,

but I pray that in Heaven above

you’ll always know

that I loved you so.

Love was all I had enough of.

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