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Friday, January 28, 2011

I wrote this poem many years ago. It was inspired by the name of a place called Hound Hollow, a basset rescue located in Pilot Hill
where I adopted my forever dog, Dolly, in 1990
. As much as you love them all, there's always one dog that holds a very special place in your heart. For me, Dolly is that dog. She was the most beautiful little dog. She was the color of the leaves on the ground that autumn she left us. Our time together in this life was far too brief and perhaps her memory is all the more precious because of that. I feel certain that we will be reunited one day in the Hound Hollow that lies in the great beyond.

HOUND HOLLOW (c. 1995)


Sue Owens Wright

I'm headed for Hound Hollow

Deep in the misty glen.

It's a winding path I follow

I shall not pass again.

The air is crackling with autumn.

Crimson leaves tremble and fall.

Down in the pasture bottom

I hear a welcoming call.

Farther and farther I follow;

My feet sink deep in the loam.

I see the edge of the hollow;

I know I am nearly home.

I hear my hounds a' bawling;

Velvet ears sweep the trail

As they answer their master's calling

With a leap and wag of the tail.

All at once they have found me,

The beautiful brown and the red;

Again my companions surround me;

For Heaven waits up ahead.


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