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Thursday, January 06, 2011


With heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I read this morning about the passing of Anneke Vos, a woman of boundless kindness for her fellow creatures who dedicated her life to the welfare of pets of the homeless and worked so hard to raise money for the new animal shelter at Loaves & Fishes. How sad she didn't live long enough to see the opening of the new day-use kennel. I hope that someone will carry on her good works at L&F and that everyone reading this will donate generously in her memory to Loaves & Fishes Animal Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 2161, Sacramento, CA 95812.

If there is truly a Rainbow Bridge where all the pets we've loved here on earth greet us when we pass on, I am certain Anneke is there now, happy in their company.


  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger jacqmp said…

    I had the honor of meeting this wonderful lady after she was featured in the Bee a few years ago. She put her love for animals and people into action by helping both. I went to her home to donate supplies for the pets at Loaves & Fishes, though I left with a gift of my own...witness of a selfless soul that did what she could with humility and grace.


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