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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

If you haven't yet had your dog vaccinated for canine flu, a new strain of the horse virus, H3N8, you might want to check into it right away. I was dismayed to learn that there has been a recent outbreak of this new ailment at the Glenbrook dog park where I usually take Peaches and Beau. Several dogs were sickened, but they did recover. Most dogs suffer only some mild upper respiratory symptoms, but some can become quite ill from the virus.

It's great to have designated, though often small and overcrowded, gathering places where our dogs can run free, socialize with other dogs, and get some real exercise off the leash without fear of the pooch police. But there's also a downside to these parks frequented by large numbers of dogs. Not all those dogs have been fully protected against diseases, so before visiting the dog park with their best friends, pet owners need to ensure that their dogs have been fully vaccinated against common canine diseases, and even uncommon ones, apparently.

If you've ever lost a precious dog to preventable diseases like distemper (see Bramble's poem in my earlier post) because someone never bothered to have his pup fully inoculated, you'll know where I'm coming from and get thee to the vet with thy pooch for his flu shot.



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