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Thursday, June 16, 2011

This morning Beau had a ball at the dog park with a young black lab mix named Lexi.  He usually doesn't get on well with large black dogs, a common phobia with some dogs, I've read.  Not so with Lexi.  I don't often see him cavort with a dog like he did with her.  They ran all over the place, with him trying to keep up with her, and her pawing at him to keep him engaged in the game of chase.  She leaped over him like a hurdle, and he makes such a perfect one with his low, long body.  I think he had the hots for her, but of course he wouldn't be able to do much about it, kind of like Hugh Hefner with his 26-year-old almost bride.  At 85, you have to wonder how much longer he can keep this up, without Viagra that is.  Too bad no one ever neutered Hef.

A corps of young workers were busy doing work in our little dog park today trimming, cutting, and generally maintaining the area.  I don't think they were affiliated with the City of Sacramento, but what a nice thing to see, considering many of our larger parks are going to the dogs these days without any funds to maintain them.  I forgot to thank them for their work but wish I had.  We lost our water fountains months ago to copper thieves, and those have still not been replaced.   It might be nice before the real summer heat descends on us to have some water available to drink that doesn't come in plastic bottles, which litter the parks after every weekend's activities.

I've ranted about this before, but with summer upon us and more folks descending on our parks, it would be so nice if those people who frequent public parks took just a few moments before they leave to collect their trash and discard it in the receptacles provided.  Every Monday is the same at Glenbrook park after the weekend soccer and baseball games.  Rubbish is scattered from one end of the park to the other.  It makes me sad to see it because it shows such disregard for others who also enjoy the parks.  So often I see trash dropped within mere inches of the trash can.  Are we all so thoughtless and lazy these days that we can't even pitch our trash in the nearest trash can?  I try to pick up what I can when I walk my dogs, but it's pretty disgusting having to pick up other people's trash.  And it shouldn't be necessary.

I think part of the problem could be solved if the City of Sacramento reminded groups that seek permits for park events to dispose of all their garbage after the event.  Also, the Mexican food vendor selling food to parkgoers in our area and those servicing other parks should remind their customers to toss their trash in a can when they finish eating.  I grew up in a time when we were expected to be mindful of the rights of others, and that included not littering public places.  Everyone has the right to enjoy a clean, litter-free park.  So, parents, when you accompany your kids to the ball games or other pastimes at the park this summer, remind them not to leave their trash behind and set a good example by stashing your own trash in the can.  I'm sure you wouldn't allow your kids to toss their trash on the floor at home, would you?

Of course, Peaches and Beau will miss the leftovers, but I really don't need any vet bills for the pancreatitis they may get from the Monday Mexican buffet at our neighborhood park.    



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