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Friday, July 16, 2010

How many dogs have to suffer and die in four-wheeled ovens before people finally get the clue that you absolutely cannot leave your pet in the car when it's hot outside, or even warm? No, it doesn't help to crack the windows a couple of inches.  It doesn't help to leave the car in the shade if it's in full sun 20 minutes later. You probably will be gone longer than "a few minutes" because you'll get distracted by stuff.  I guess it's finally up to the dogs to save themselves, like Max in Mucungie, Pennsylvania, who honked the car horn until his stupid owner finally came out from her shopping errands to get her dog out of the car. According to the "Strange Stuff" story in today's Bee, the woman had even heard the horn honking repeatedly and looked outside but saw nothing out of the ordinary.  Gee, you think maybe she might have remembered at that point she had left her dog shut up in the damn car?   

The temperature was 90 degrees and the dog was left in the car for an hour.  Much too long, but then any time a dog is left in a car in 90-degree heat is too long.  The owner, Nancy Soares, claimed that Max was "very warm and panting heavily but had suffered no serious injuries, only heat exhaustion." Hello!  Heat exhaustion is a serious, life-threatening injury for a dog.  People like her always claim the dog is okay when confronted with their own thoughtlessness and ignorance.  I would seriously doubt that claim and hope that Ms. Soares rushed Max to the nearest vet for a complete check up to prevent permanent organ damage (and I hope Max left her closed up in the car wearing a thick fur coat while he was inside getting cooled down). If that action was not taken, I would be surprised if the dog doesn't die later on from internal injuries.  I hope the Bee will follow up on this "strange" and sad story and let us know what ultimately happens to Max.  

I'm sorry, but I am really losing patience with people like this who keep dogs as family pets but think nothing of leaving them to cook in a car while they do their silly errands.  For doG's sake, and dogs like Max, leave your dog at home where it's cool and safe. 

More information on this particular brand of animal cruelty from the ASPCA. If you are reading this blog and have a dog, please read it.  Print out the flyers and distribute.  Encourage stores where you shop to post one in the window.  Thank you!  The only thing ASPCA doesn't mention in the article, though, is what to do if law enforcement or animal control does not respond to your call for help if you see a dog like Max dying in a hot car.  Considering the current budget problems, I'd be frankly surprised if anyone came.  Anyone have a crow bar?




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