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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

During the interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday, did anyone at any time hear Michael Vick say he was sorry?  I heard a lot of concern voiced for the damage to his career and for his family. What about the dogs, Mike?  Even when asked point blank about the dogs by the interviewer, he did not express any remorse for what he did to the dogs.  His only response was, "It was wrong."  Well, yes, we already know that.  You're stating the obvious.  It made me sick watching the footage of the break-in at Bad News Kennels and what they found there, the bloodstains and traumatized dogs.  Disgusting!

It will be interesting to see how long Vick stays involved with the animal welfare group who is helping to gloss over his tarnished public image and if he continues with his highly publicized community service efforts once he gets back in the game.  He did his brief, slap-on-the wrist sentence for the cold-blooded torture and butchering of these unfortunate animals--Don't serial killers get started that way?--but in my estimation, it seems disingenuous and is obviously intended as nothing more than damage control for his reputation and career.   I do not believe that he does not care about the game, as he professed.  Nor has he any real feeling or empathy for animals.  How could he possibly and do what he did?  Sorry, Vick.  No sale here.  I believe you are and will always be bad news for animals. 



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