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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I posted this comment in response to the news that Michael Vick could play ball again in six weeks. I urge other animal lovers who read this blog to make their feelings known wherever and whenever they can:

By accepting Vick to play professionally ever again, any team who signs him on is condoning his sickening and inexcusable abuse of animals in favor of the money he can make for them. This was felony animal abuse; why is he already out of jail? It's because people want to bet on him and profit from his performance, just like they did those poor dogs imprisoned in his kennel from hell. Maybe someone should beat and torture him whenever he loses a game.  

But, hey, isn't this what greedy America is all about, putting profit above the welfare of people and animals? Apparently, all that matters in this country is making lots of money and to hell with any moral codes that the pursuit of wealth and power might conflict with. What message does this send to our youth who idolize these overpaid, doped-up numbskulls in "professional" sports?



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