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Monday, January 15, 2007

Peaches is still battling the kennel cough, which is now more like allergies, with violent sneezing and asthmatic wheezing. She was carrying on so last night that I called the vet today and insisted she prescribe a different antibiotic for Peaches, which she did. The Benadryl that I'd been advised to give her seemed to have no effect whatsoever except to induce sleep in me when I also took a pill in desperation for that purpose. Now she's on Clavimox (Amoxycillin) for the next week, which I hope will knock the rest of this foul kennel curse out of her. It seemed she was a little better this evening after just one pill, so I sure hope things will improve for her. I know it's been uncomfortable for the little girl at night, and none of us has had any quality sleep the past two weeks. Adopting a new dog is not much less sleep depriving than having a new baby, it would seem.

Something kind of funny happened tonight, and it was fortunate we were here at the time or it might not have been so funny. I noticed Peaches standing apparently frozen in place beside the dining table. It alarmed me because she seemed hunched over and I worried that she was sick or something. She didn't whine or complain, though. At first I thought she was afraid of the wooden box that was upturned in front of her, but when I moved the box, she still refused to budge an inch. When I came down to comfort her and find out what was the trouble I then realized her collar was hooked on something and she couldn't move. It was hung on the button of my coat, which was hanging on the chair. A button had slipped neatly through the ring that held her ID and microchip tags. I removed her collar, unhooked it from the button, and replaced the too large ring with a smaller one so that hopefully won't ever happen again. Again, I'm glad that I was at home to release her. Daisy used to bark too much, but I wish this dog barked more than she does. I've heard her bark only three times since we've had her, and two of those were tonight when she saw a cat on our walk. I hope she'll find her voice eventually.


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