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Monday, January 01, 2007

Another year has begun, and I heard that in Atlanta at midnight they dropped a giant peach instead of a ball like in NYC. Seems especially fitting that I have named my new dog Peaches. Unfortunately, she has picked up some kennel cough at the shelter, even though she was vaccinated for it. I don't understand why shelters don't inject the dogs before they ever set foot in those places. I would never have lost my little Bramble I adopted in 1995 to distemper if the city pound had done so.

Of course Peaches would start in coughing on New Year's Day when no vets are open. The incubation period is five to seven days, so this would be about the time that symptoms would appear. Fortunately, I found some amoxycillin from one of our other dogs and gave her two tablets, one this morning and one this evening, which seems to have helped. At least I've started her on antibiotics, and tomorrow when I take her to the vet, he can prescribe some more for her.

Those poor little dogs go through so much, both emotionally and physically, when people dump them at shelters. They are so devoted and dependent on people, but their people are too often insensitive to their misery. It's those who dump dogs and cats and fail to spay and neuter their pets who are at fault for the pet overpopulation problem and the destruction of perfectly adoptable pets. They are the ones who should be behind bars, not the animals. I still find it hard to believe that this sweet dog was surrendered not once but twice at two different shelters. She is the sweetest, most loving and docile dog I've had in a long time. I'm so glad I found her. I knew when the time was right, I'd be led to the right dog for me, and she is. My pretty Peaches has finally found her forever home, and we are richer for her coming to stay with us.

Again, Happy New Year to everyone! May 2007 be better than 2006, in all respects.


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