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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've been so preoccupied with Beau's health, I forgot that yesterday was Gotcha Day #4.  Shame on Mom!  In my defense I did let him sleep in my bed last night, which is a huge sacrifice because he's so long and such a space hog dog that I can hardly move around.  Makes for a lousy night's rest.  He must have remembered it was his special day, even if I didn't.  He's such a funny guy. 

I made my slight up to him today by taking him for a special park excursion with Peaches at Oki Park, the same park where we used to walk our first basset hound, Butterscotch.  It always brings back memories of another beautiful red and white basset just like my Beau.  I also played his song, "My Darlin' Beau" on the ukelele, which he loves.  He's such a special dog.  I really got lucky when I found him four years ago on October 15.  The time has gone by way too fast.  


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