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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn, where have you gone?

We delayed the dog walk as long as we could get away with it, but these hounds just won't let us off the leash, not even when the rain is pouring in buckets like it is today. I wouldn't take anything for my dogs, but I confess there are days, like this one, when I would be content not to set a foot out the door. But that's the penance of the dog lover. I suppose I'm lucky that my dogs are older and not an active breed. They are content with one or two (preferably three) walks a day, generously interspersed with snore fests on the sofa or chair, or wherever the heck they want to sleep. I don't often have to refer to my own book of bored dog activities, 150 Activities for Bored Dogs. Forgive that bit of shameless self-promotion, but what else can you expect from a writer?

What we'd all like to know is what happened to Autumn? Do we only have two seasons now, Winter and Summer? What has happened to the others? The delights of spring and fall are practically nonexistent these days. I didn't even make it up to Apple Hill before the bad weather set in. I always like to go before Halloween, so I can appreciate the fall colors and choose a pumpkin out in the country like people used to do. Well, a store bought Jack will have to do, I suppose.

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