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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

If you are looking for an empathetic healer, look no further than your dog (or cat).  I caught some evil bug that's been making the rounds and took to my bed yesterday.  Of course, Beau and Peaches knew something was wrong when they didn't get their morning walk and I didn't budge from my bed all day.  Both kept looking in on me and stayed by my bed most of the day, even after my husband came home mid-day and gave them their walk.  

Beau is probably the most devoted dog I've ever had.  He worships me!  He never leaves my side, and that was even truer yesterday.  He doesn't usually sleep with me, except in the case of being frightened by a thunderstorm, but last night he was insistent on sleeping in the bed.  I think he wanted to watch over me. Then this morning, Peaches jumped up into the bed and gave me some TLC, licking my hand and arm in the most tender, loving way.  Both were the perfect nursemaids, and it was so comforting to reach over the side of the bed to stroke a soft, warm coat.  

I think all hospitals should let pets visit their ailing humans.  Some do have therapy dogs that visit, but it's not the same as having your own pet there.  I remember when I was in the hospital some years ago, all I wanted was to have my Dolly and Patti bassets with me.  I think I would have gotten out of there much faster if they had been. 



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