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Monday, February 01, 2010

Yesterday morning I heard Beau howl for the first time since I adopted him over three months ago.  I was sitting on the sofa reading the paper and he had gone out back to explore the area behind the swimming pool.  Apparently, he must have encountered a cat on the other side of the fence near the gazebo.  I heard a rich, resonant bark followed by a baritone howl.  It sounded deeper than Bubba's ever did, although his was wonderful.  How I have missed that sound! 
Beau's long, long body creates the perfect echo chamber.  Whatever trauma he endured before I found him that would make him mute, I cannot imagine and would not want to try, but I am so happy that at long last he has rediscovered his voice.  It's a beautiful sound to anyone who loves a hound.

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