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Monday, October 26, 2009

Peaches and Beau wore each other out this evening racing all over the yard and house.  It was hysterical to watch, and I haven't seen Peaches move like that since we've had her.  With all this exercise, she is going to be a svelte basset in no time.  They really seem to like each other and enjoy playing.  I didn't realize before how bored Peaches was and how much she needed a pack mate.  

She knows now to keep him in line when he gets too pushy, and he knows when to back off.    
Actually, she's quite the little tease.  She wags her fanny in his face and was even sitting on his head yesterday morning in my office.  This evening she was teasing him with her favorite sock monkey toy.  Now if she starts to share that with him, I'll know she's really smitten with this new boy on the block.     

We watched the two of them dash like crazy things from one end of the yard to the other for quite some time.  I kept waiting for them to wear down, but they kept right on playing.  First he had her down on the grass, then she had him down for the count.

It does my heart good to see them engaged in their daily basset games.  I'll try to get some footage next time to share.  



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