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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beau came to his new forever home with us on October 17.  He's five years old and in good health.  Not even any kennel cough, which is amazing since he came from the dog pound in Stockton, California, the same place where Peaches came from nearly three years ago.  They call it a shelter, but it's a real old-fashioned dog pound with no frills or creature comforts. They do their best in this lousy economy in a depressed area, I'm sure.  I wish I could have taken all the dogs from that place.  
Beau is a happy, mellow guy who has blended perfectly into our pack after just 24 hours.  He's very loving and demonstrative.  Peaches seems to be accepting him well enough, with just a couple of assertions of dominance to let him know who's still top dog around here.  He accepts her corrections with no complaint.  My husband is happy to have his garage buddy back again.  I know he has missed that with Bubba gone.  Beau looks quite a lot like Bubba, and we even used to call Bubba by the name Beau or Bo Bo sometimes.  It's the next best thing to having him back again.  I believe Bubba would be glad to know we've given another pound puppy like him a second chance at a happy life.
Like Bubba, Beau was a stray.  His former owners were angry at the cost of redeeming him and refused to pay the fee to spring him from dog jail.  So they lost a very fine dog, and we gained one in turn.  




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