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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I found this post on Craig's List from one of the animal care workers at the same shelter where we adopted Bubba in 1997.


Come let me give you one final embrace as I try not to notice the look on your face. Wagging your tail and bouncing around not knowing what's coming as I wrap my arms round. Then I call forth this wall that splits us apart, no feelings for you can I hold in my heart. As I raise your arm up like I want you to shake, I try not to think it's your life that I take. Then it's all over in a red little flash as I hold on to you til death has its grasp. Look in my eyes, can't you see, I'm not the murderer society's labeling me. I go on doing this day after day knowing it's life that I'm stealing away. So people please please take your pets from this place and spare me the pain of their FINAL EMBRACE. 



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