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Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's hard not to still worry about the dog food poisoning danger now that some dry foods have also been recalled, especially since we recently changed to a brand that has healthier ingredients than the one we were feeding them before (no corn, wheat and other allergens). I can only hope that's true, but since I've seen no signs of illness in Bubba or Peaches, I feel we're okay. What, may I ask, can you trust any more in this country when even your beloved pet's food is tainted? What's next, tainted baby food? Oh, wait. They already had a problem with that, as I recall.

Peaches did something cute today she hasn't done before. She was tossing her chewy across the room for me to toss back to her, much like Bubba has always done with his mini-bagel. She waited for me to toss it back to her. This went on for several minutes until she finally decided to settle down for a good chew. I am so glad this little dog came into my life. She is the perfect dog I've been waiting for.


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