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Thursday, February 26, 2015


If you are feeding your dog Purina brand Beneful dog food, STOP!   Thousands of dogs have died after eating it.  Dogs were sickened and vomiting, and some have been found dead.  I'm sure the owners had no clue what was wrong, as was the case when two of my dogs were sickened years ago by Salmonella-tainted Waggin' Train chicken jerky.

Since the dogs eating Beneful were ingesting kibble that contained poisons like antifreeze, it's no wonder they were sickened.  Antifreeze?!!!  If you love your dog, don't feed him/her Purina brand.  Since the greedy Nestle corporation took over Purina, it's not safe to feed to your pets.  I personally avoid grocery store brands of pet food.  The quality of feed is too often inferior, or in this case, deadly.


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