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Sunday, February 22, 2015


Thanks to those who raised a substantial reward in pursuit of justice, police have arrested the sick, heartless bastard who burned a little dog alive inside a metal cage several weeks ago.  I was horrified when I read the report in the Sacramento Bee.  Pet lovers in Sacramento have been outraged by this cruel criminal act against a helpless, innocent little dog, but sadly it's not the first of its kind in our city, but definitely the worst of its kind that we know of.  

The article stated that some residents in the area heard a commotion outside while this terrible abuse was in progress, but not one person bothered to check it out.  Perhaps they were afraid, but if I heard a dog screaming, I'd be on it in a heartbeat, and I'd be armed with a baseball bat to knock that idiot senseless or do whatever it took to save that dog.  It seems to me that some people these days have lost their souls, if they ever had one to begin with.  Anyone who could do such an evil thing to any animal, let alone his own pet, which apparently this dog was, deserves to be punished to the full extent the law allows, and it should allow more in cases like this.  I'm on call for jury duty next week.  I hope to God I get picked for the jury that tries this creep. When he is convicted of extreme animal cruelty, may the punishment fit the crime.

I remember years ago in the movie, The Butterfly Effect, someone put a small dog in a sack and burned it alive.  This was the first film I ever recall seeing that depicted such extreme animal cruelty.  It made me sick. I stopped watching the film at that point, and the same goes for any other film that shows animals being abused.  Nothing is sacred in films any more.  In my day, the dog never died; well, except for Old Yeller, which left a whole generation of dog lovers like me traumatized for life.  I have noticed animal cruelty occurs more often in films these days.  Whether or not there is any link between these cruel acts shown in film and actual events like this one remains to be proved, but I strongly feel it's something Hollywood needs to put a stop to, especially when youngsters are watching these films.    


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