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Friday, August 08, 2014


I always dread the arrival of dog days of summer.  I have lost two dogs to the month of August, one on August 9 (Butterscotch, our first basset) and the other on August 15 (Patience, Butter's successor).  I have two old dogs, Peaches (11-ish) and Beau (about 10).  Beau is having issues, so I pray we make it through these dog days together without incident.  I had hoped to take them up to Lake Tahoe this weekend, but there are too many thunderstorms there right now.  Beau hates thunder, and he has trouble traversing the trails near the cabin. His hindquarters are becoming awfully weak, and he has control issues.  He made three mistakes in the house today.  How I hate seeing my dogs get old.  I do hope we get to go to Tahoe again sometime, though.  They both love it so.  All my dogs have! Whatever happens, I have great memories of our Tahoe adventures, most of which end up in my books. 


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