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Friday, July 04, 2014


Here's wishing you all a happy 4th of July.  Make sure it's happy for your dog, too.  This will be a busy day at the shelters when dogs that freak out from fireworks escape their yards.  Their hearing is so sensitive compared to ours, so it's important to consider that during summer activities like this one and outdoor concerts with loud music.  Imagine what torture that must be for a dog's sensitive ears. 

The lucky dogs will survive long enough tonight to make it to a shelter and not be killed when they dash into traffic. Hopefully, that pet has been microchipped to insure his safe return home should he escape his yard. The luckiest ones will have guardians who take extra precautions to ensure their pets are not upset by this noisiest of American celebrations.  So, get out the Rescue Remedy or whatever medication your vet recommends to calm Rover, or if you're like us, you hang around at home to make sure they're safe.   


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