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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Keep a hanky handy when you watch Barbara Garcia's unexpected reunion with her little schnauzer while she's being interviewed by a TV station after her home was destroyed in the terrible Oklahoma tornado.  She hid in her bathroom with her dog and survived the storm.  She didn't think the dog did, but her second prayer was answered and recorded on camera as the poor little fellow climbs out from the rubble.

My dad used to tell similar stories about Texas twisters. Wide-eyed, I'd sit and listen at the supper table while he spun his yarns about holing up in the storm cellar and once doing the same thing Mrs. Garcia did to weather the storm, only he huddled in the bathtub.  I remember thinking that a tornado must be the most terrifying thing in the world. Seeing the incomprehensible destruction caused by this one, I know it's true.


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