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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Looks like I struck a nerve with my latest Pets & Their People column.  Here are some responses I have received from readers thus far:

Hello Ms. Wright,

I am SO pleased you posted this article on Distracted Dog Walkers. This makes me nuts! & not just dog walkers, but parents w/strollers & toddlers, joggers, students crossing streets w/their headphones on. I have come so close to hitting someone because they don't even bother to look up when crossing a street. The cross walk is not a magic safety zone.

I walk my own dogs several times a day. My large older dog wears a bright orange safety vest & my little guy (who is deaf) stays on a short leash I clip to my belt buckle. I NEVER walk in front of vehicles, even at a cross walk because I have no idea what they are looking at--their gps, iphone, stereo or the road. And I have saved my own life on several occasions by being this cautious. One car, at a stop sign, didn't even stop, he blazed right through it.

For those people who wave their fists in the air, "it's my right to cross at an intersection or crosswalk" I say great, we'll be sure to print that on your headstone.

Keeping the dogs safe,
Debra Sherman

Just wanted to say thanks for a good read.
And to commend you on a worthy article!!
I hope those distracted dog walkers owners will take heed.
Thanks again,
Karen Bailey

Hi, my name is Amy ; I'm only writing to you, letting you know I read with great interest your article re: distracted dog walkers. I walk my precious dog every day, yes I bring my phone; you'll only see me using it in case of emergency. I hope others read your article and take it to heart as I have witnessed the same.

My thanks to those who have written to me.  Hearing from appreciative readers makes writing the column worthwhile.


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