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Friday, December 07, 2012


Last night I had the pleasure of attending Barks for Art, the 13th Annual Dog & Cat Art Show artist's reception at Adamson Gallery.  What fun!  The art displayed there was just amazing.  Such a wonderful array of work.  Lots of color and whimsy!  Many pieces had already sold by the time we arrived.  The turnout was great!  The place was packed solid with pet art lovers, and there were even a few four-legged art appreciators in the crowd at this pet-friendly gallery.  Last night Robin Hagy, the photographer who has her studio at the gallery, was taking photos of people with their dogs. Same goes for Saturday night's reception.  

The Placer SPCA, which this show benefits, was present with an adorable little white Chihuahua in need of a loving home.  She was the sweetest, most friendly dog.  She had come to the shelter four months ago with a rare disorder of her eyes that caused hair to grow in them.  If you've ever had a stray eyelash or a hair poking your eye, you can probably understand how uncomfortable it would be to endure that constantly.  Fortunately, Placer SPCA paid for special opthalmic surgery to correct the problem, and this little girl is as good as new. You could just tell she felt so good, dancing on her hind legs.  All she needs now is to be homed for the holidays.  I hope someone will give her the happy forever home she deserves.  

I hope all you pet and art lovers will attend the Second Saturday reception tomorrow night at Adamson Gallery, located in the 10th & R building next-door to The Fox & Goose, whose owner and building landlady gave her blessing for the gallery to be pet friendly.  (I highly recommend the Fox & Goose's English sausage rolls, which we had last night after attending the art reception.  My Brit mother-in-law used to make these yummy treats on rare occasions and these are every bit as good as hers, better actually because these were served piping hot from the oven with HP sauce to dip them in.)  

Gallery Owner Colleen Adamson plans to host other pet events in her gallery in future, including adoption events.  You'll never meet a kinder, lovelier lady than Colleen.  The Dog and Cat exhibition will be on display December 6, 2012 through January 5, 2013.  I hope you'll check it out and support your local pet-loving artists and the homeless pets that the sales from this show will benefit.  


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