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Sunday, November 18, 2012


When I was at Western Feed & Supply this afternoon, I noticed they sell the Thundershirt for Dog Anxiety. It wasn't terribly expensive and was even 10% off at this store, so I decided to buy one for Beau, who is terrified of thunder and isn't too fond of the neighbors' electric leaf blowers, either.  Their high-pitched whine is unbearable to him and like nails on a blackboard to me. There was a great column in today's Bee about those lousy, rotten leaf blowers and how they make people's and their pets' lives miserable and that they should be outlawed, as they've done in many American cities, including L.A., of all places.  I abhor leaf blowers, which ruin my peaceful garden times and hope they soon will be prohibited in Sacramento, but poor Beau has a hissy fit whenever they start those things up.  I hope the Thundershirt works for him.  I'll keep you posted. 


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