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Friday, November 05, 2010


Occasionally, I receive comments about something I've written that are worth sharing. Here's an e-mail sent to me by Alexis Raymond, Director of Communications at United Animal Nations:

"Hi Sue,

I just wanted to thank you for discussing the topic of puppy mills in your recent column in Inside.

United Animal Nations (UAN) often rescues animals from puppy mills, so we have seen firsthand the devastating physical, behavioral and emotional effects these mass-breeding operations have on breeding dogs and puppies.

Many people are unaware that puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills; your article will help educate potential pet owners about the sad truth behind those adorable “doggies in the window.”

Thanks again for being such a great ambassador for the animals!

-- Alexis"

The season of giving is near, so I urge all you animal lovers who visit this blog to remember United Animal Nations and other organizations who do so much for creatures great and small.


  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger willavery said…

    I was born in the Chinese Year of the dog. As a child a dog attack me and left terrified of dogs. However that attack serendipitously ended up saving my life 10 years later. I never though about it until last year... I wrote a song about it. If you'd like to hear the whole story just Google the song title "Thank You Mean Ole Dog".

    Puppy mills are very sad realities of life. When money and disregard for life mix together the ugliest qualities of humanity come to light. Stopping the problem begins with stopping the demand. Urge anyone you know who is considering buying a dog to adopt from the shelter...



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