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Monday, October 20, 2008

Message for California voters:  
Let humane treatment of farm animals begin with you
Vote YES on Proposition 2

Kindness may cost everyone a bit more at the store,
but it's worth it to know your food wasn't tortured.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

My latest Healthy Dog column in the October issue of AKC GAZETTE is about skin fold pyoderma, which is common in wrinkly breeds like mine.  For some reason, the link doesn't go directly to page 28-29, where the article appears, so just click on the arrow to go there. 

Also, I went back to the SSPCA a few days after I saw Jackie and Lucy, the two bassets up for adoption.  They both found homes but were apparently not placed together in the same home.  Too bad since they'd probably been together their whole lives, but at least they are hopefully in their forever homes now.   


Thursday, October 02, 2008

This afternoon I went to the SSPCA to drop off some donations and, of course, couldn't leave there without visiting the kennel area to see what dogs were in there seeking a home.  I thought I heard a distinctive bark coming from the adult dog kennels, and sure enough I was right. Not one but two bassets were in one of the cages for adoption.  Their names were Jackie and Lucy and they were 4 and 5 years old.  One was a beautiful, droopy red and white with really long ears, a real sweetie and so friendly.  She actually stood upright on her hind legs for me, which for a basset is pretty amazing.  She must really want out of there!  The other tri-colored one was very friendly, too, wagging her tail and coming up to say hello.  The dogs were surrendered by their owners because they couldn't take them along where they moved (always a popular excuse for abandoning your fur kids, but a better one now with the many foreclosures).  I don't know if this was a foreclosure situation or not, but if anyone reading this blog entry lives within range of Sacramento, please go see these two long-eared darlings at the Sacramento SPCA on Florin-Perkins Road and consider adopting them.  I do so hope that Jackie and Lucy get to stay together in their next and, I sincerely hope, forever home.  If I could handle one more 60-pound hound, let alone two, bashing around in my small abode, I'd have taken them both home with me in a heartbeat.  Four dogs is just way too many for me, and Bubba, too.  He's had a hard enough time at his advanced age accepting young, lively Peaches into his domain.  Someday I hope to live on acreage and have a whole pack of bassets waddling about.