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Friday, August 08, 2008

I took Bubba and Peaches to the dog park in Carmichael.  I haven't taken Peaches to one since our first experience at Granite Dog Park shortly after I adopted her, which left much to be desired.  There were just too many dogs for the size of the park, and large, boisterous breeds were barreling through the park, which frightened her.  Carmichael Dog Park is shady and large and has a separate fenced area for small, old, or shy dogs.  I didn't have to take Peaches in there, though.  She has mellowed quite a lot since our first visit to a dog park.  She was a bit nervous at first but took Bubba's lead and followed him around the park, exploring and socializing with the other dogs.  Fortunately, there were hardly any other dogs there, although there was another basset, Lulu, which made four bassets in all, including my friend's adopted hound, Abby.  I was in hound heaven!  Except for a chihuahua (who peed in my friend's purse), an adorable beagle pup and a couple of other dogs, we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves.  It made for a good experience for Peaches, and I was proud of her obvious progress (it's only taken nearly two years!).  Bubba lasted about 45 minutes at the park, then he began to get grumpy and snappish with the other dogs, so it was time to take the old boy home for his nap.  If I were 100 in dog years, I'd be as grumpy as Bubba.  I think young Peaches was glad to get home for her nap, too.  Dog parks are exhausting!  I hope they are rested up.  Tomorrow we head up the hill for more Tahoe adventures.    

Monday, August 04, 2008

Peaches has killed poor Foxy Loxy.  He no longer growls or squeaks.  She throttled him good, punctured his throat box and deflated the squeaker in his long, bushy tail.  What good is prey that doesn't squeak for its life? she seemed to be saying to me tonight when we played our usual games before bedtime.  Now I must search for another Foxy at PetSmart, if they still sell that particular toy.  I'll find one somewhere, somehow, even if I have to order it online.  Isn't that what dog mom's do for their fur kids?  

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

On re-reading earlier posts about the fearful little dog who did a crab walk in every new situation because she was still traumatized and perhaps unsocialized from her life before coming to us, I realized that Peaches no longer crab walks.  Rather, she struts confidently down the street and is not afraid to approach strangers or other dogs, as she was for a long time after I adopted her.  It makes me happy that she is so happy in her home and comfortable in her surroundings, as you can see from this photo of our newest in a succession of Sofa Queens.  She's a much different dog than she was when I first saw her at the shelter in December 2006.  I'll always be glad I found her.  We have enriched each other's lives immeasurably.